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Grati-Tuesday #8: Vanessa

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“Humour is the great thing, the saving thing after all. The minute it crops up, all our hardnesses yield.”

Vanessa is beautiful. I blame red wine for my "pose"

The first thing I’ll tell about Vanessa is that you’ll feel like the funniest and most interesting person in the world when you hang out with her. Vanessa loves to laugh. Her sense of humour and joy is expansive. How often do people say “I just don’t share the same sense of humour as [insert name]”? I have never heard anyone say that about Vanessa. Of all the people I know, she most ready to laugh, smile, and find joy in any given moment.
Last week, after releasing my album, I was exhausted and frustrated. I had caught some kind of plague after the show and I’d been in bed for a few days. I was restless for some company and to celebrate the milestone that had just occurred. Vanessa and I decided that we would go for pizza and a movie—Jem and the Holograms. We knew that the reviews were terrible, but as children of the eighties we couldn’t NOT see it.
It was AWFUL and also wonderful. Haha. Awful because it was poorly written, full of teenage angst & plot holes, rife with poor character development, and just not faithful to the spirit of the original.
Despite all this, we had a blast. We suspended our “cultivated” taste, revelled in the flashy music performances, eye-rolled at the teen angst and implausibility, snort-laughed at the contrived moments, and genuinely shed a single tear each at the father-daughter closure scene. It was so bad and so good. I think if I had attended that movie with anyone else I would not have enjoyed it half as much—if at all.
This is what life is like with Vanessa around. Anything and everything can be made fun and full of joy. Thank you for your friendship over the past number of years, girrrrl. You make life an absolute joy.
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