Grati-Tuesday #2

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It’s Gratituesday again! As I mentioned on FB last week Tuesdays are now the day when I will post a little bit of appreciation for someone who has made a positive impact on my journey—whether they know it or not.#gratituesday #heartbeats

This week’s Tuesday shout-out goes to Geordie Gescha Trifa.

Occasionally, you meet someone whose creative process is a friggin’ force of nature. Witnessing the other person in action, you’re awed beyond any precedent you’ve experienced, while at the same time feeling utterly destroyed in any lofty estimation of your own talents. You end up torn between a newly energized sense of inspiration and also a feeling of “why do I even try?” because your own work comes nowhere close. This is what collaborating with Geordie is like (and the trick, by the way, is to stay on the inspired side of the coin and work your butt off).

Geordie has a formidable artistic talent which does not appear to slow down when he switches media. He is a great songwriter, a stellar performer, and an insightful filmmaker. I have had the privilege of collaborating with Geordie for years on music and it has made a huge impact on my creative life. Geordie is the best kind of friend a creative person can have because he’ll remember the inspired, expansive version of your idea, keep it crystallized in his pocket, and be ready to hand it back to you when self-doubt has starved your version into a tiny morsel of its former self. From Geordie, I have learned to keep moving forward, keep inspired, and that the expansive version of the dream is the truest and most trustworthy version.

This spring Geordie and Rob (with the aid of some funding from Creative Saskatchewan!), made a music video for my song ‘Ghost.’ You’ll be able to see this talent at work tomorrow, when I release it. Stay tuned,
and thank you Geordie.


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