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Grati-Tuesday # 6 – Jen Lane

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Jen Lane - Gratituesday

Today I am thankful for my friend Jen Lane. Two summers ago, Jen was just an acquaintance. I was in a state, because the studio I was recording at was closing, the producer was leaving, and I wasn’t quite happy with the music we were making but I couldn’t pinpoint why.

I needed advice, so I called Jen and her husband John and asked if I could buy them lunch. Jen and John together probably have more than two decades of experience and lessons learned about the music business. They can always be counted on for a coffee or brain picking session. Their generosity with their time, energy and knowledge is well known in the Saskatoon music community.
So we had lunch, and after Thai food and no small amount of venting from me, Jen offered a few producers’ names—including her own. “No pressure!” she said “Just think about it and I’ll see you at Ness Creek in two weeks.” I didn’t need to think about it, but she didn’t want me to feel even remotely pressured into a decision.

I made this record with Jen, in the end, and I am so glad I did. I have gained an amazing friend in my life, and my record turned so beautifully. Jen has a wicked sense of humour and is fantastic at putting things in perspective. She enjoys the simple things in life, and has a sneaky talent for helping the people around her slow down and do the same. When you’re stressed out around Jen, you’ll often find yourself fed, watered and laughing your butt off at some gloriously stupid Youtube video before you even know what hit you. I still haven’t figured out if she’s doing it on purpose or not.

Working with an inspired, talented and intuitive female producer was an incredible treat. I feel like my record was a newborn baby in a carriage controlled by four untamed horses and hurtling away from me at lightning speed. You whispered the horses, grabbed the reins and put the baby back in my hands. I am so grateful.

Jen has released a song and video this week, which you can check out below.
She will be joining us at at The Bassment on Friday night to do some SANGIN’!!! Can’t wait!

Jen Lane – Shoe (Official Video):

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