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Thanksgiving Grati-Tuesday #5: Vero

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Allow me to introduce my friend Vero. She’s been staying at my house for the past few days, and I’m all nostalgic about one autumn three years ago when our friendship was cemented.

Vero and I took a two-week tour through Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario in November of 2012. We learned each others’ songs and did a set of duets every night. We saw some beautiful autumn vistas in the Canadian Shield. We ate life-changing Italian food in Toronto, and equally amazing paninis in Yorkton. I learned that French Canadian people, if Vero’s family is any indication, are some of the warmest people in this country (and some of the funniest).

I almost didn’t go on that tour. I almost said “No” because I was scared that we would lose money, that we’d get caught in a blizzard, that no one would come to our shows, or that my new super-rad gal pal would get sick of me after being together 24/7 for two weeks.

Some of those things did happen. We made a little money, but not a ton. We had some sketchy weather (and super sketchy accommodations), but we made it. We had a few small-turnout shows, but those were the most fun. We needed a few breaks from each other, but our friendship was cemented to that semi-permanent, sibling-like status where you won’t ever lose touch completely. Everything worked out—mostly because of Vero’s sense of humour and problem-solving skills. I am grateful that Vero nudged me to take a leap of faith, and that she continues to inspire me to bravery.

I’m also grateful that Vero makes time to jam and play shows with me. She is a musical swiss army knife, playing keys, violin & guitar, and singing and writing better than most people. Her time and talent is in demand because she always knows what is needed to bring a song to life. Vero had a big hand in helping my new record turn out as well as it did.

Finally, I am grateful to have such a charming, warm, hilarious, deep-thinking and crazy-creative gal pal in my life. I am pumped that she’ll be playing at my album release show Friday Oct 23rd I can’t wait to share our fun with everyone.
Love your gutz Vero!

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