Grati-Tuesday #4: Fionncara

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Today, I am thankful for my friend Fionncara (Cara).

Cara and I cemented our friendship when we were roomies on the Grade 12 band trip. I was competing in a scholarship competition at the music festival and kept waking both of us up with stress nightmares. She was super cool about it, and we bonded over our mutual fascination with dream interpretation and Catholic spirituality. Since then, we’ve shared innumerable pots of tea, lamented about the necessary poverty of an artistic life, road tripped together at least once yearly, and regularly dressed up to dance to a buttload of cheesy 80’s music in our apartments.

Cara is an incredibly talented poet. She has a mysterious and secret relationship with words that makes you wonder if she was raised by them in the wild. She can get them to reveal things, paint pictures and show themselves in ways I never could. They will paint heartbreaking, hilarious and eloquent pictures for her. It’s sometimes spooky and always inspiring.

Cara understands the neurotic artist part of me that sometimes panics, gets discouraged and wants to quit. She’s gone through this too, but luckily we have rarely been in that headspace at the same time. I can rely on her to kick my butt back into action. From Cara, I have learned to allow myself to be human & that I’ll laugh at my foibles later on. I have learned how to listen on the wind and read the lines on people’s faces. Art is prayer. If I’m always praying, then I’ll always have the inspiration I need for the next project. I won’t get stuck in self-oriented neurotic ruts. The words will eventually learn to dance for me too.

I’m still a clunky amateur, but maybe one day I’ll get there.

Love you gurlll,
and thank you.
(And Happy Birthday-week! Wooooo!!!)

#GratitTuesday #heartbeats #whenyouranswercomes

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