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Grati-Tuesday #3

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Gratituesday Mom

My Grati-Tuesday shout out today goes to my mom.

It’s hard to boil it down to just one or two things my mom has taught me, obviously. However, if I had to pick just one thing, it’s true hospitality. My mom is the one of the most truly hospitable women I know.

Growing up, my family’s house was often full of extra kids beyond just me and my three siblings. Our house had a reputation for being theĀ one where other kids were welcome, where there would be some snacks, and where there would always be proper, solid adult supervision.

(Mom’s logic was that, if all the neighbourhood kids at her house, then she would know where we all were and what we were up to. Haha.)

I’ve learned that hospitality isn’t just having a home to invite people into or food to give them. It’s a way of carrying yourself– A way of being with people that makes them comfortable in their own skin, free to be themselves, and able to rest & re-charge. This kind of hospitality can re-create us. It’s similar to the recharge you get from spending time in nature or sharing a truly gut-busting laugh. It’s the the kind of renewal you get from a hot cup of tea after being out in the cold, or from a home-cooked meal after travelling a long way.

In this sense, a person can be truly hospitable even when they are a guest in someone else’s house.

This hospitality is something I’ve learned from my mom–although I do not yet have her years of practice. I think it has benefitted me greatly as I have travelled with my music over the years. As I meet people and stay in their homes, my mom’s example is always in my brain. It reminds me to ask myself “What is this person’s desire right now?” “What makes them tick?” “What do they want to talk about?” and, most importantly, “How can I pray for them?”

My mom’s example has taught me how to read between the lines with God and realize that the music maybe isn’t my real purpose–the people are.

Thank you mom.
I love your guts.

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